When you enter our town square—our “Maydān”—we want you to feel a sense of wonder. We want you to forget what you know and be ready to explore. And we’ll be there with you for every bite. You’ll feel like you’ve met new friends—a new family—who will guide you through the square to a table full of dishes. Spreads, salads, condiments, roasted and grilled vegetables, meats, and seafood coming together in unison. Just remember, there is no wrong way to go about this.

The centerpiece of every table is the bread, which we make to order in Maydān’s clay ovens; it is a culmination of everything we love about the regions we focus on. Bread brings the meal together and bread brings people together. We want you to use your hands, making the bread your utensil. Share with your neighbor, break bread with your family and friends.

See you in our Maydān soon, we'll be waiting for you!