Frequently Asked Questions

What does Maydan mean?

Pronounced "my-dahn," "may-dahn," or "mi-dan," this word has roots in a number of languages. It's been crossing borders for generations from Tangier to Tehran, Beirut to Batumi. It means “gathering place” or “square," often in the middle of a city. The word originates in Arabic, but translates to Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Ukrainian, and even Latin. It's one of the many ways can see differences, but in the end we're all the same.

What is your reservation policy?

We offer reservations for parties up to six (6) people, by clicking HERE.

These reservations become available at 10:00AM twenty-eight [28] days in advance of your desired dining date.

For parties of seven [7] and more, please inquire HERE.

For all reservations, we are able to hold your reservation for up to 15 minutes after your reservation time. Due to our limited space, we are unable to guarantee your reservation after 15 minutes. If you are running late, please reply to your confirmation text and let us know when you expect to arrive.

Does Maydān host events?

We would love to host your special event at Maydan! Please submit your booking request to the events team by clicking HERE.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes! Walk-in availability depends on the reservation load of the evening. These tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not have a reservation, we advise that you arrive at 5:00pm when we open and speak with our Maitre D.

If you arrive at Maydan and we are unable guarantee a table, we will add your name to our cancellation list. We’ll text you if a table becomes available, and you’ll have 10 minutes to get back to us.

Can I bring my own wine or birthday cake?

While we encourage guests to enjoy our offerings - if you would like to bring your own, we charge a corkage of $35 per 750mL of wine and a cake-cutting fee of $2.50 per person.

Is it possible to eat dinner at the bar?

It is! Personally, we love eating dinner at bars when we go to restaurants, so we’ve made it possible for you to eat at ours. It's just alongside the hearth, so you will be right in midst of all the action.

Our bar offers the full dinner menu and the seats are first available.

Can Maydan accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes! We are able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please let your server know what these might be and they’ll be more than happy to guide you through the menu.

Please note: We do not offer gluten-free bread.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! You may purchase gift certificates on our website, HERE or in person at Maydan any day of the week.


We’re located at 1346 Florida Ave NW, just off of 14th Street NW on Florida Avenue. You’ll see a few of our neighbors (La Colombe and Franklin Hall), and you’ll make a right down the alleyway, going underneath the bridge and past the WeWork entrance. Yes, it doesn’t really look like you’re going the right direction, but you are—we promise!

The closest Metro station is the U Street/Cardozo Metro on the Green Line. Exit the Metro station at 13th and U, and follow U Street until you make it to 14th Street. Make a right and walk north on 14th Street for three blocks until you arrive at Florida Avenue, and make another right. Continue to proceed as described above.

What are my public transportation options and is parking nearby?

We are big advocates of public transportation! We recommend the Metro or any number of buses that go up and down 14th Street.]

You’ll have the most parking success in the garage located on 14th Street and U Street in the Reeves Center Parking Garage (Sunday through Thursday: 6 pm-1 am; Friday through Saturday: 6 pm - 3 am). Additionally, there is metered parking on 14th Street.